Government Formalities


Trans International Logistiks provides a comprehensive system of structure for the efficient handover for the suppliers to client, followed by swift clearance of the cargo through the Malaysian Customs.

          Upon the organization's review and approval, TIL will assist in submitting the application to the relevant authorities.

          In the post-submission stage, the relevant authorities may have questions addressed to the organization. TIL will discuss those concerns with the organization, draft a response for approval or review draft responses to these questions based on information provided by the organization. TIL will provide our professional advice based on our experience in dealing with tax incentive applications.

          The relevant authorities may request for a face-to-face meeting with the organization. When required, TIL will join in those meetings as an advisor to provide tax input and share our experience in dealing with matters relating to tax incentives;

       Follow up with the relevant authorities to expedite the issuance of written conformation of the incentive

In addition, Trans International Logistiks and its partners have developed mastery in handling governmental matters globally for capital goods. The ability to be efficient often defines an organization such as ours, particularly in Asia where governmental formalities can sometimes be complex. Our services include acquiring approvals for exemption of import duties and various taxes for capital investments. Other services that we provide include applications to governmental authorities for special permits, temporary importation applications and a host of related services such as;

• Indirect Tax exemption applications – Malaysia

• Master List applications – Indonesia

• Duty and Tax Free Exemption applications – Philippines

• Board of Investment (BOI) – Thailand

• Exemption Certificate 

  • Singapore
  • Cambodia
  • Brunei
  • Laos
  • China

• Import Quota applications – Vietnam

• Duty Exemption applications – India

In these countries, we act as consultants to our clients who will benefit from our coordination, planning and execution. This is inclusive of the actual physical movement of the goods. This ensures the maximum cost savings to our clients.

Technical Feasibility

As experts in the industry, we have observed that the project logistics activities include providing solutions for non-standard goods in defined main and target areas. The successful movement of such high-investment cargo is critical and must be done efficiently. The slightest fault or oversight could lead to serious damage to the equipment and/or significant delays to the project. This could also result in unwanted financial loss.

At Trans International Logistiks, we provide our clients with planning and execution for the movement of such shipments as part of our range of services offered.

      We conduct discussions with key representatives of your organization so that we are able to better understand the important aspects of your business model and your proposed investment plans in Malaysia. Thus, aiming for a successful partnership until the very end.

     We assist with identifying details of the proposed investment plans that relevant authorities would typically ask for.

        We assist in preparing the formal application, reading and providing comments on the detailed write-ups of the plans, supporting schedules and provide general advice on input into the submission package.

Design of Individual Concept for Each Project Requirements